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Dec 20 2011

Support Team

At the beginning of the year, the intercom had buzzed. “Support team, support team-please report to the office.” However, there was no ‘support team.’ The teachers on my hall all looked out, grabbed the hand book, and looked generally bewildered. We found out later that the secretary had panicked, understandably, and made an all call for help.

However, I have been wondering-who is my ‘support team?’ Well….probably not the people that should be. This semester, my ICE group leader and most of the support staff at my rural school regularly don’t know my name. I see my MLTD maybe once a month. Pro-Sat is generally just awkward and mildly helpful.

Luckily, I can go home most weekends. My mom helps me grade and my dad keeps my truck running. They have been the emotional rock I have needed. A few veteran have also been amazing assets as well.

Am I at fault for not building great relationships within TFA? Maybe. But is it a big deal to remember my name or just ask it? No. Would it be very hard to ask me how I am doing in an email or phone call once in a while? Nope.

Where would I be if I had been placed far away from TFA? Probably not still in the classroom or at least not as healthy. It has been very hard even with my parent’s support, but I wonder what about happens to the TFA’ers without a support team.

Please leave a comment-do you feel supported? Who is your support team? 

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  1. Bri

    I live at home with my parents- I could not do my job without them. My parents help me function- everything from making my lunch and putting my clothes out and scheduling my personal appointments- the only thing I worry about is teaching and it’s all consuming. I feel very little support from my school and TFA is no help in my content area.

  2. hill

    I’ve managed to establish a good relationship with my MTLD and our ED, but it’s definitely because I reached out to them after I had to move schools two months into the school year. I am so jealous that you are so close to home.

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